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Reiki FAQs

There is so much to explore in the world of Reiki from lineage to techniques. 

What is the healing power of Reiki and how can it assist you?

So, What is Reiki?

As Clients Often Ask..."What Is Reiki?"


Reiki today is known as a holistic and Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) therapy that you would most likely find in many hospitals, wellness clinics, and private home settings since it promotes rest, relaxation, and healing. 


The general translation of Reiki relates to "God/Spirit/Divine" (Rei) and "Universal Life Force Energy" (Ki). This is an all-loving energy that is not owned or practiced by one particular creed as it is ever-giving and accessible to everyone. Thus, a rough definition of Reiki might be "Divinely Guided Universal Life Force" or "God Directed Energy Flow." How the practitioner feels the definition belongs to them may vary from how the client defines it for themselves. No two persons experience Reiki exactly alike, yet all agree that it is a potent, peaceful, and relaxing presence! 


Although similar to Therapeutic Touch which was developed in the 70's, Reiki is an old Japanese Spiritual Healing practice that has been in use formally for over a hundred years where one practices using what is called a "laying of the hands" to direct what is felt, sometimes seen, or sensed as Ki ("Chi"). While there are many different lineages of Reiki studied and still being developed today, some of the history can be traced back prior to Mikao Usui who is regarded as the founder of this healing method back around 1922. Still, he remains one of the most popular figures in the realm of this healing art.


To learn more about the history of Reiki, independent study is encouraged, especially under a Licensed or Certified Reiki Master Teacher. It's important to know which practitioners have their clinical hours, references, and who will be willing to share their lineage as you'll be sharing a spiritual space with them so comfort and safety are a priority.


If you would like a reference for a skill that I cannot provide, I have a large network of Reiki Providers I can send you to as I am not a Master Teacher.

Sacred Space Sanctuary's magnolia tree in blossom.
Sacred Space Sanctuary's magnolia tree in blossom.

How is Reiki Therapeutic?

See & Feel the Difference

 Reiki benefits the Mind, Body, and Soul. Relax on the table to music, smell the incense, and listen to a catered guided meditation. Feel the Reiki and watch the changes come over you!

  •  Lower stress leads to lower blood pressure

  • You may notice a reduction in the aches and pains that you had previously

  •  Lower blood pressure is healthier for your heart, brain, and vascular system

  • Inhaling deeply oxygenates your blood, which brings a heightened sense of awareness to your state of mind

  • Over time, you may find that you will be able to slip into a relaxed state when faced with stressful situations as peace becomes a more familiar feeling to you

  • When you experience an emotional release, you create room in your life to hold a healing space for yourself

  • Releasing limiting beliefs by recognizing what they are is the first step in overcoming challenges

  • Boosting confidence in yourself because you've cut ties with limiting beliefs promotes self-motivation which may translate into positive action steps in the real world

  •  Less chronic pain leads to a clear and focused mind, less dependency on medication, and a better quality of life

Sacred Space Sanctuary Reiki table at the home studio.
Sacred Space Sanctuary Reiki table at the home studio.