Give Love, Receive Love. Resistance Creates Fractures.

Retreat Inward with the Healing Art of Reiki

Retreat Inward with the Healing Art of Reiki

Retreat Inward with the Healing Art of Reiki Retreat Inward with the Healing Art of Reiki Retreat Inward with the Healing Art of Reiki

  "Discovering and healing the Sacred Self to help one live in-sync with the rhythms of life." 

Sacred Space Sanctuary's Treatment Room & Table for Reiki & Psychic Readings


  Sacred Space Sanctuary LLC is a small, home-based energy practice that uses Reiki as the basis for healing and for nourishing your psychic self.

Clients replenish the needs of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies through Spiritual Triage which identifies the imbalances and self-limiting beliefs that affect their four bodies by addressing their present and longstanding traumas. 

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Britta is a professionally trained Reiki Master and a psychic-medium who works with clients on her table to help accurately identify and heal their areas of hurt in their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Rediscovering the Sacred Self (your inner child, your true "You" who you envision yourself to be, or your Divine Self) is an invitation to clients to journey to an optimal state of self-healing and to connect back to their innate abilities. Everyone who enters her doors is reminded that no one particular person is gifted, but that we all have abilities we chose to use and that it is our birth right to peace, love, health, and happiness. In order to connect with your Sacred Self, inner work is almost always needed and Britta's job is to assist in cutting loose those limiting beliefs that those "hurts" from our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies have placed on us.  

Clients can choose from a traditional Reiki Session, a Reiki & Reading Session, or a  Psychic Reading Session in person or distance.

Whether you're looking for Reiki in Schenectady, Reiki in Saratoga Springs which is only 35 minutes to our home address, or distance healing - Sacred Space will always try to meet the clients at their level even if it means booking group or gallery readings.

Sacred space Sanctuary, LLC


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Trust your intuition. Reach out when you feel ready.

NOTE: The practitioner has an out-of-state phone number (New Jersey) .

All clients are contacted first by email and then by phone to verify their request. Office hours are from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. Appointments during the day can be booked by request with advance notice.  

ALL appointments must be confirmed.

Day appointments by request.

Sacred Space Sanctuary, LLC

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