Give love, receive love. Let it come, and let it go. Resistance creates fractures.


Traditional Reiki - 60 Minutes



In this traditional energetic healing session, my hands will hover over the client or they may be gently laid upon the client in various positions centered along the client's chakras or their expressed areas of pain. At all times, the client remains fully clothed. Usually, the client will come in with a specific "intention" although it is okay to not have one as receiving Reiki for general restorative measures is a wonderful intention in itself!

 Often I will describe each hand position and provide a guided meditation while the client is listening to soft music. There is never any manipulation of the body tissue but only the laying of the hands. While "on the table" the client may feel relaxed and may sleep. They may feel a gentle radiating heat, a tingling, pulling, swirling sensation, or an emotional release. Every session can be different and is a unique experience.

Reiki & Readings - 60 Minutes



This is a combination of a traditional Reiki session along with the psychic impressions I receive. Should a departed loved one step into the session, I will attempt to make contact, although I prefer to utilize my abilities as a psychic rather than that as a medium. 

My abilities lay in reading my client's biofields, and assisting them with pertinent life priorities. As mostly a clairsentient, I typically feel the situation rather than  communicate directly with your loved ones. Don't fret though, sometimes they step through to just "hang around." This will in no way interfere with your Reiki healing session as Reiki cannot be interrupted, and you're allowed to ask unlimited questions as time and energy allow.

Psychic Readings - 30 Minutes




Holding space with a psychic-medium is a time for you to connect with yourself, your departed loved ones, those in the angelic realm, and your guides. If a departed loved one should step into the session, I will happily let you know what their energy "feels" like to me, as I'm more psychic than mediumistic. 

However, your guides above are eager to talk! It is important that you come with questions prepared as I will engage with you to help you "read" through situations. All readings are grounded by meditations and opening non-creedal prayers of protection to help us connect with our higher selves, for our best and highest good. We always want those who have our best intentions stepping forward, and to receive the most pertinent and not miscellaneous info! 

Spiritual Life Coaching - 90 Minutes



A Spiritual Life coach is a practitioner who combines the foundations of life coaching and spiritual energy practices to help their clients understand and resolve their limiting beliefs that hold them back from accomplishing their life's purpose. Sometimes, a client may feel like they are unsure of what their purpose may be because of chronic illness, a sudden trauma, general misdirection, or a lack of self-control. 

 In these combination sessions of traditional Reiki and readings, the client will rely on me to help them ask their guides about life purpose goals while working on solar-plexus and self-worthiness hurts. In no way can this be used in lieu of traditional medical therapy, or licensed therapy. However, spiritual consultation can help the client understand their connection to the earth, the human race, and the Universe as a whole which helps them to reach their Sacred Self, to discover their inner child, and to work on those issues with a referral to a licensed practitioner. 

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